Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation PictureAt The Seasons Assisted Living, we recognize the need for short-term rehabilitative services can occur at various times in life. Through our relationship with Plum City Care Center, should you develop a need for rehabilitation services, access to such care is conveniently located on site. Our contracted team of therapy professionals works hard to help you regain the highest level of independence possible as overseen by your physician and his or her knowledge of your health care needs and functional abilities. Whether you’ve experienced a stroke, heart attack, hip or knee replacement, or any other condition for which your level of independence has declined, Plum City Care Center is ready to work with you to regain your functional ability through our physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy services. Therapy services are available either in your apartment for your convenience, or in Plum City’s therapy gym.


"I’m not sure if there is anything that I don’t like about this place. I think it’s GREAT! I like the food, the people, everything that’s going on, and the entertainment is FANTASTIC! I think it’s my kind of place."

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