Year Three of the Pandemic Begins, and Experts Offer Advice for Older Adults

— We’ve just passed the second anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical science has learned so much about this disease, and while things are looking up, it is still important to protect against the virus—not only for ourselves, but for others. But we shouldn’t forget our all-around physical and mental health either, say geriatrics experts. Here... Read More

While We’re Asleep, Our Brains Are Hard at Work

— March is National Sleep Awareness Month. We know we should get enough sleep to feel rested and energetic the next day. But did you know that good sleep is also closely tied with brain health? Our brains aren’t idle while we sleep. Sleep could be thought of as the “late shift” of memory. Here are... Read More

When Your Valentine Needs Care

— When a couple says their wedding vows, the words traditionally include “in sickness and in health.” But if the time comes when illness and disability touches one of the spouses, changed roles can have a profound impact on the marriage. Researchers have been looking at the issues of couples in which one is providing care... Read More

What Women Need to Know about Heart Health

— February is American Heart Month. Traditionally, heart health research and outreach has focused largely on men. But women are at equally high risk of heart disease—even though, we now know, the causes, risk factors, treatment and even symptoms of heart attack and other cardiovascular conditions can be quite different for female patients. Experts say most... Read More

Senior Health Updates

— What’s happening in healthy aging and senior care research? Brain Scientists Offer Tips for Communication While Masked Since the pandemic began, wearing face masks has been vital for protecting vulnerable older adults against COVID-19. Older adults and people with dementia are at high risk of serious illness from the virus. “Doing without masks to protect... Read More

Resolve to Improve Your Attitude About Aging in 2022

— Over the past decades, experts in the field of aging have seen a big change in the ways we think and talk about growing older. There’s been a movement toward empowerment, and toward helping all older adults remain as independent, active and engaged as possible, even as they face physical and cognitive challenges. In our... Read More

Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors Who Live in a Senior Living Communit

— Do you have your list all ready for the holidays? Whether your family celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another winter celebration, giving gifts is most likely part of the festivities. But when a loved one has limited space in their home, whether that is a senior apartment, a skilled nursing or assisted living community, selecting... Read More

Talking With Older Loved Ones About Their Driving

— December 6 – 10, 2021, is Older Driver Safety Awareness Week. In 2020, fewer people traveled for the holidays, but this year, predictions are that more families will celebrate together. In many families, this tradition includes a visit to elderly parents, grandparents and other older loved ones. That’s why December is the month when families... Read More

Senior Health Updates

— What’s new in healthy aging and senior care research? Could Political Turmoil Harm Your Heart? November is the traditional election season. We know that intense anger and fear can be bad for our cardiac health—and there aren’t many situations that bring out those strong emotions more these days more than politics! A University of North... Read More

An Attitude of Gratitude Is Good for Our Health

— Each year during November, we celebrate Thanksgiving. For many of us, the celebration has been different this year and last as we are taking care to be safe during the pandemic. But even with the challenges we’ve faced, this is a good time to take stock of our lives and think about things for which... Read More
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